Are you in need of a wardrobe lift? Too busy to put together outfits? Not sure which styles look best on you? Or maybe you’re just looking for some fashiony fun?

No matter what your motivation to spice up your wardrobe, we’ve got you covered with our exciting service-fashion consultations.

The inspiration to offer this service came from watching our Sales Manager, Shannon, fit models for the Besties fundraising fashion show. She has such a knack for pinpointing everyone’s style, and making them look and feel their best!  We had so much fun with the fashion shows, we want to extend this service to others.

Shannon has a great eye for style. Her love of fashion and theater background, working in the costume shop and making costumes for shows, has given her a unique perspective into style consultations.

“It’s fun to be female,” says Shannon. “I love fashion as a form of art, as a form of self-expression, setting ourselves apart from everyone else.” 

Shannon is having a blast working with women and hearing their stories. Her favorite one so far, came from a woman who has just lost a lot of weight, but wasn’t able to accept the difference in the mirror yet.

She loves spending quality time with our customers, being able to give her undivided attention from some fun, stress-free, dress up time. She encourages women to experiment, and try something on they wouldn’t have tried on their own.

 “It is so much fun seeing how a new outfit, can change attitudes and how we feel about ourselves,” says Shannon. “Unlike changing your look with a new haircut or color, trying on new styles is a risk-free, temporary change.

How it works

Shannon will schedule a 15-minute phone conversation with you to get more information about what you’re looking for, whether it’s a special event or just for fun. She also asks for other information, such as the sizes you wear, to help her prepare for your consultation. She has helped people put together new outfits, accessorize or complete a look they already have in their closet.

When you come in for your one-hour consultation, Shannon will have a few outfits ready for you to look at, to make sure you both like the direction Shannon suggests. Then it’s playtime, trying on new outfits to see what looks the best on you and fits your style, complete with jewelry and shoes. 

Our style consultations are $50, and you get $40 of that back in a gift certificate that you can spend the same day as your consultation. 

To get started, make an appointment for an exclusive style consultation by emailing Shannon at lucindasict@gmail or give her a call at 316-264-1080. She’s in Tuesday through Saturday.

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