Whether you’ve lived in Wichita, or have come for a visit, our city has a way of nestling into the hearts of those who come here. Maybe it’s all the local, rockstar businesses, or all the cultural and fun events we have going on, or maybe it’s just how friendly our people are.

Whatever you love about Wichita, we’re here to help you celebrate it with our exclusive design Wichita products. We’ve created T-shirts, glass ware, postcards, patches, pins, mugs and other fun items. We also carry work by other local artisans, who create Wichita jewelry, Wichita flag artwork, neighborhood candles, stickers, buttons and more! If you’re looking for a way to show your Wichita pride, or are looking for a gift for Wichitans here, there and everywhere, you’ve got to come in and check out items you can’t get anywhere else!

Wichita Flag 
One of the symbols of Wichita we love is the official flag of the City of Wichita! It’s red, white and blue and has been the symbol of Wichita for over 80 years.

Three red and three white rays alternate from an off-center blue sun. The rays are the path of freedom to come and go as one pleases. The blue disc represents happiness, contentment. The white circle, stitched into the blue sun, with four sets of three parallel rays emanating from the circle’s principal axis represents the Indian symbol for “hogan,” meaning permanent home.

Looking for a symbol to represent pride in our community, the American Legion ran a city flag design contest in 1937, with cash prizes provided by the Wichita Rotary Club. Over 100 entries were submitted, and judged by a panel of three artists. Mural artist Cecil McAlister, with a design based on Indian symbolism, was named the winner, and received a cash prize of $40. It was accepted by proclamation on June 14, 1937, Flag Day.

The winning design was a complex sewing challenge for west-side seamstress Mary J. Harper. Wichita’s Betsy Ross, as she was then styled, spent an entire day piecing together the design of Indian emblems from red, white and blue silk. She made a total of six flags originally.

The first one flew from the City Hall flagstaff at 204 S. Main on July 23, 1937. None of the originals are known to survive, but their descendants fly outside Century II and City Hall everyday.

Besides being flown at municipal buildings, the popular banner has recently become a symbol of the community’s resurgence of pride, and can be seen in many murals around town. It’s a tangible reminder of our connection to each other and to our home.

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